Soldiers allegedly torture and kill a junior fellow soldier – investigations point to more victims

Four Manuhua Biak Air Force soldiers (TNI AU) allegedly tortured their junior, Prada Indra Wijaya, an enlisted man assigned to the Secretariat, Makoopsud III Biak. Prada Indra Wijaya died with a bleeding head and blood pouring out and full of bruises. He had fainted at the Mess Makoopsud III Biak and was then taken to the Manuhua Biak Air Force Base hospital for treatment. Still, he died on 19 November 2022.   

A man died in detention in the Muna Polres Headquarters in South Sulawesi

A 45-year-old man named Amis Ando died after being detained at the Muna Resort Police (Polres) Headquarters for 12 hours. He was arrested and detained on 3 May 2022 at 8 pm because he was caught possessing a knife while drunk in a resident’s house. He was found dead on 4 May 2022. There were strong indications that Amis Ando had been tortured.

Young man dies in Halmahera West prison cell – family suspects ill-treatment and torture

wenty-three-year-old RF, a resident of Loce Village, East Sahu Subdistrict, who was a suspect in a case of maltreatment, died at the West Halmahera Resort Police Office, North Maluku Province, on 13 October 2022. Police said that the suspect died by hanging himself in the holding cell. However, the police provided different versions of information and delayed providing accurate information to the family. This made the family doubt the truth that RF died by suicide.

Public official tortures two journalists in Kerawang Regency

A public official with the initials AA, one of the heads of an agency in Kerawang Regency, West Java tortured two journalists, Gusti Sevta Gumilar and Zaenal Mustofa, on Saturday night, 17 September 2022, and Sunday morning, 18 September 2022. There are strong indications that AA and his men kidnapped, illegally detained, punched and kicked the victims’ bodies and genitals, forced the victims to drink urine, and threatened to kill the victims.

Criminalisation of Tongkunisolu Indigenous People in North Sumatra in Land Conflict with PT Toba Pulp Lestari

PT Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk (PT TPL) criminalised 59-year-old Dirman Rajagukguk, a farmer and member of the Tongkunisolu indigenous community in West Parsoburan Village, Habinsaran District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra Province. PT TPL reported Dirman to the Porsea Sector Police in August 2022. PT TPL accused Dirman of destroying 69 hectares of the company’s industrial plantation forest by planting yams, and corn and building a house.

Alleged obstruction of presidential candidate Anis Baswedan’s campaign

Some local governments allegedly obstructed the political expression of presidential candidate Anis Baswedan. They made it difficult for Anis Baswedan to conduct political activities in areas such as West Java, Riau and Aceh, such as making it difficult, revoking permits that had been issued. The reasons for the revocation of permits vary, but Anies Baswedan’s volunteers said they caught an attempt to hamper Anies’ movement in the regions. 

Belu Resort Police shoots teenage suspect to death 

Belu Resort Police Officer Brigpol Rogerius Roy Sonbay shot 18-year-old Gerson Yaris Lau alias Eton to death on 27 September 2022. The police accused the suspect of trying to escape when a joint team of the Belu Police Buser team and the Belu Police Intelkam Unit were about to make an arrest.

Sleman Resort Police officer beat a man, Bryan Yoga in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta 

On the night of 4 June 2022, two officers from the Sleman Resort Police, Yogyakarta, LV and AR, assaulted 29-year-old Bryan Yoga Kusuma in the parking lot of a bar called Holywings, on Magelang Street, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Province. About 20 people gathered around Bryan. Some of them were Sleman resort police. They beat him and threw him on the asphalt.   

Caught on video: Police officer and son torture J&T employees in Wamena

A police officer and his son were caught on surveillance camera beating up multiple J&T employees in the town of Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, on 8 December 2022. The officer’s son beat at least four employees inside the J&T Express Office. The officer also punched one of the employees who defended himself against the attack and intimidated them with death threats.

Sorong, Papua Barat – 2 protesters arrested and crowd dispersed with tear gas during 1st Dec commemorations

Police officers arrested two protesters participating in peaceful commemorations of the 1st of December in Sorong, Papua Barat Province. The protesters had raised Morning Star Flags in public places. The police had increased its presence across Sorong since the early morning hours of 1 December 2022. Police officers arrested two protesters with the initials NY and MI in front of the Ramayana Mall, Klademak 3, where the Papuan Peoples’ Petition (PRP) had organised the peaceful assembly. They dispersed the crowd of about 100 people with teargas after one protester raised a Morning Star Flag.

Ternate, Maluku Utara Province – eight arrested during 1st of Dec commemorations

Eight Papuan activists of the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) and the solidarity groups Indonesian Peoples Front for West Papuan (FRI WP) as well as Liga of Indonesian Students for Democracy (LMID) were arrested near the Jatiland Mall in the city of Ternate on 1 December 2022. Police officers brought Jack (FRI-WP), Hengky (AMP), Dino (AMP), Susan (AMP), Malo (LMID), Kama (LMID), Rino, and Gelombang to the Ternate District Police headquarters for interrogation. All protesters were released without charges at 12:00 am. Police officers reportedly forced the protesters to sign a statement according to which they would refrain from commemorating the 1 December again.  

Police officers arrest and torture two Papuans for carrying a toy gun in Nabire

Police officers arbitrarily arrested and tortured two Papuan university students with the initials DT and ET at the Samabusa Harbour in Nabire on 17 December 2022. The police claimed that DT and ET carried illegal firearms. DT and ET were reportedly tortured inside the police car on the way from the harbour to the Nabire District Police Headquarters and again during interrogation at the station.