HRM Report “Destroy them first… discuss human rights later” exposes Indonesian military attacks on indigenous villages in West Papua

Human Rights Monitor’s latest 49-page report delves deep into Indonesian forces’ systematic attacks on indigenous West Papua villages, highlighting potential crimes against humanity. Satellite imagery reveals 206 destroyed buildings and the displacement of over 2,000 indigenous Ngalum locals. With international attention urgently needed, the report questions Indonesia’s compliance with international humanitarian law.

Corruption allegations against public prosecutors in Manokwari highlight shortcomings in Indonesian justice system

A case of corruption and misconduct involving prosecutors and administrative officers at the Manokwari District Attorney’s Office in the Papua Barat Province showcases persistent shortcomings in the Indonesian justice system. The incident came to light through a video that went viral on social media platforms.

Impunity: Military prosecutor demands sentence of 2 years for the killing of two indigenous Papuans in Timika

A second military trial against two of the four perpetrators of the extra-judicial execution of Mr Eden Bebari and Mr Ronny Wandik in the Mimika Regency in April 2020 is currently taking place at the Military Oditur III-13 Denpasar. The trial against the other two perpetrators ended in July 2023 with a guilty verdict and sentences of six and seven years. The defendants in the second trial, Sergeant Vicente De Oliviara and Private Bahari Muhrim, both members of the Yonif Raider 900/SBW Unit, face charges related to murder and the use of violence resulting in death.