HRM Report “Destroy them first… discuss human rights later” exposes Indonesian military attacks on indigenous villages in West Papua

Human Rights Monitor’s latest 49-page report delves deep into Indonesian forces’ systematic attacks on indigenous West Papua villages, highlighting potential crimes against humanity. Satellite imagery reveals 206 destroyed buildings and the displacement of over 2,000 indigenous Ngalum locals. With international attention urgently needed, the report questions Indonesia’s compliance with international humanitarian law.

Dispute over Highland Papua Governor’s Office site: Disagreement among indigenous tribes with some parties rejecting Komnas HAM findings

The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) took steps to address the ongoing dispute over the construction of the Office of the Governor of Highland  Papua Province in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency. The conflict revolves around a 108-hectare area of customary land claimed by the Wouma, Welesi, and Asolokobal Tribe Alliance.

IDP’s humanitarian crisis in Papua: Catholic Church calls for immediate government action

The Secretariat of Justice and Peace (SKP in Indonesian) of the Catholic Church throughout Papua says 46,926 civilians were displaced from their villages due to armed conflict and urges the government to return the refugees to their hometowns. The urge was conveyed through the Pastoral Appeal of the SKP of the Catholic Church throughout Papua issued in Sorong, West Papua Province, on 12 October 2023.