Human rights observers demand police investigation into mob attack against Papuan human rights defender in Sorong

Papuan lawyer and human rights defender, Mr Steven Peyon, working for the Sorong Legal Aid Institute (LBH Sorong), was assaulted by a dozen unknown perpetrators in front of SD Inpres 46 Elementary School in the Malanu Village, Sorong City, Papua Barat Province, on 29 January 2023. According to a press statement by the Manokwari Institute for Research and Development of Legal Aid, the perpetrators allegedly attacked Mr Peyon with machetes and wooden beams. Human rights observers suspect that the attack on Advocate Steven Peyon is related to Mr Peyon’s duty to defend defendants accused of being involved in the attack on security forces at the Kisor Military Post in the Maybrat Regency on 2 September 2021.

On 29 January 2023, Mr Steven Peyon was on his way home to Malanu Village. Around 7.00 pm, he saw a dozen people waiting in front of the SD Inpres 46 Elementary School. As Mr Peyon approached the mob to ask why they had gathered on the road, one of the perpetrators attacked Mr Peyon with a machete. Mr Peyon grabbed the machete with one hand while another perpetrator beat him with a wooden beam to the back of the head, causing him to fall. The perpetrators took his wallet and fled as another motorcycle passed the crime site.

Mr Peyon sustained a slash wound on his right palm and bruises on the back of his head. Mr Steven Peyon has reported the incident to the Sorong Police. He submitted a visum et repertum of his injuries as evidence. Mr Peyon received medical treatment at the Sele Bisolu Hospital (see photos, source: LBH Sorong)

” We urge the Chief of Police of Sorong to immediately carry out investigative actions to arrest and imprison the alleged perpetrators following legal provisions,” said Advocate Yan Christian Warinussy, director of LP3BH, during an. Warinussi stressed that the work and activities of advocates are protected under Law No. 8/1981 concerning the Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP) and Law No 18/2003 concerning Advocates.

Mr Steven Peyon receiving medical treatment at the Sele Bisolu Hospital, Sorong

Detailed Case Data
name of the location:SD Negeri Inpres 46 Malanu (-0.8705471820344167, 131.30813999148288)
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Barat Province, Sorong City, North Sorong District
total number of victims: one
period of incident: 29.01.2023
perpetrator: unknown
perpetrator details: unknown
Issues: human rights defenders, indigenous peoples
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NumberName, DetailsGenderAgeGroup AffiliationViolations
1Steven Peyon, lawyermaleunknownindigenous, activistill-treatment