Indonesian security forces alleged of killing indigenous Papuan woman and injuring eight villagers with bullets in Puncak Regency

Indonesian security forces reportedly raided the village of Pamebut, Yugumuak District, in the early morning of 3 March 2023. According to information received, joint police and military members indiscriminately opened fire at villagers, leaving eight persons injured with bullets. An indigenous woman named Mrs, Tarina Murib was reportedly hit by a bullet during the raid and died on the spot. Villagers claim they found her body beheaded shortly after the raid. One security force member was reportedly killed during a subsequent firefight with West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) members.

According to information received, security force members already circled Pamebut Village on the evening of 2 March 2023. They indiscriminately opened fire at villagers leaving their huts in the early morning of 3 March 2023 to go to the loo. Eight villagers sustained bullet injuries during the attack, among them at least two minors (see photos below). During the raid, security force members reportedly burnt several residential houses to the ground.     

The spokesperson of the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command, Colonel Herman Taryaman, denied that his men were involved in the killing and mutilation of a civilian in the Yugumuak District. Taryaman claimed that the TPNPB had opened fire at the villagers. He added that one Satgas Yonif Raider 303/SSM military unit member was killed during the firefight with TPNPB combatants in Yugumuak during the operation.

Following the incident, hundreds of indigenous Papuans from the districts Yugumuak and Magebume fled to the Sinak Village (see photo below), and the town of Mulia, Puncak, Jaya Regency, because they were afraid of becoming victims of violence during armed clashes or security raids. Observers called upon local authorities to provide internally displaced persons (IDPs) with food and shelter. A video supplied by human rights defenders shows a group of IDPs in the town of Sinak. An IDP is holding a speech in which he calls upon the local and central government to address the humanitarian crisis in Puncak and other highland regencies (see video below).

Table of victims during security force raid in Pamebut Village, Puncak Regency, on 3 March 2023

NoNameAgeAdditional information
1Mrs Tarina Murib35 yearsWas shot dead, the head was reportedly dismembered from the body
2Mr Gwinus Murib36 yearsSustained bullet wound on the right shoulder
3Mr  Rondinus Murib17 yearsJunior high school student, sustained a bullet wound on the right shoulder
4Mrs Nerce Telenggen34 yearsSustained bullet wounds on the stomach and the right hand, the projectile remained inside the body
5Rasna Kogoya13 yearsSustained bullet wound on the right leg
6Yalingga Murib18 yearsSustained bullet wound on the right thigh
7Juan Amelson Murib2 yearsSustained bullet wound on the right hand
8Mrs Dayusina Alom27 yearsSustained bullet wound in the thigh
9Rosita Murib8 yearsSustained bullet wound on the finger

Victims injured during security force raid in Pamebut Village, Puncak Regency, on 3 March 2023

IDPs from the districts Yugumuak and Magebume seeking shelter in Sinak Village

Detailed Case Data 
name of the location: Pamebut (-3.8138860503303453, 137.86726953862765) 
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Puncak Regency, Yugumuak District, Pamebut Village
total number of victims: nine
period of incident: 03.03.2023
perpetrator: other security forces
perpetrator details: unknown 
Issues: ill-treatment, torture, extra-judicial killings, indigenous peoples, internal displacement
Further HRM News: 

Number Name, Details Gender Age Group Affiliation Violation 
Tarina Murib female 35 indigenous execution 
Gwinus Murib male 36 indigenous  ill-treatment 
Rondinus Murib  male 17 indigenous  ill-treatment 
Nerce Telenggen female 34 indigenous  ill-treatment 
Rasna Kogoya male 13 indigenous  ill-treatment 
Yalingga Murib male 18 indigenous  ill-treatment 
Juan Amelson Murib male indigenous  ill-treatment 
Dayusina Alom female 27 indigenous  ill-treatment 
Rosita Muribfemale 8indigenous  ill-treatment