Police disperse peaceful assembly and arrest 54 protesters demanding justice for Victor Yeimo

The trial against Papuan activist and human rights defender Mr Victor Yeimo is getting closer to the verdict. Mr Yeimo was charged with treason and criminal conspiracy against the state for participating in a demonstration against racial discrimination against indigenous Papuans in Indonesia. A session on 11 April with the agenda of the prosecutor’s demands was adjourned to 17 April 2023.

Activists have been closely following the trial and repeatedly launched peaceful actions in support of Victor Yeimo in front of the district court in the city of Jayapura (PN Jayapura). Police officers arbitrarily arrested 54 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and supporters in the city of Jayapura and the neighbouring town of Sentani, Jayapura District, between 8 and 11 April 2023. The police personnel used rubber batons to forcefully disperse a peaceful assembly in front of the PN Jayapura on 11 April 2023. Nine protesters were reportedly injured.

Police arrest 13 KNPB members arrested while distributing leaflets in Sentani

Police officers of the Jayapura District police arrested 13 KNPB members at the old market in Sentani on 08 April 2023, at 3.00 pm (see table and photos below, source: KNPB). The police failed to show a warrant at the time of the arrest. They distributed leaflets for a peaceful protest in support of Victor Yeimo at the PN Jayapura. All were released on the same day at 5.50 pm.

Further arrests in Sentani and Jayapura

Activists documented additional 40 arbitrary arrests in Jayapura and Sentani Town on 9, 10, and 11 April 2023. Again, the police carried out the arrests without showing a warrant while KNPB members distributed leaflets for the protest demanding justice for Victor Yeimo. On 9 April 2023, the police reportedly arrested three activists in front of the Heram District Office at 5.15 pm. Police officers arrested 20 KNPB activists near the traffic light in the Kamkey area in Jayapura on 10 April 2023 at 10.00 am. The 17 arrests in Sentani on 10 April happened at the traffic light near the old market at 9.40 am, 3 of them were previously arrested and freed on 8 April. The officers seized the leaflets and temporarily detained the activists at the district police station (Polres Jayapura) in Doyo Baru and the Abepura Sub-District Police Station (Polsek Abepura).

On 11 April 2023, police officers forcefully dispersed a silent protest in front of the PN Jayapura. One protester was arrested. The protesters Ronal Mirin, Kurus Felle, Eko Passe, Kenias Payage, Kelaus Bay, Pumegen, Nodi, Anto, and Awe Gobai were reportedly injured as a result of the excessive force. The police officers seized banners and used rubber batons to disperse the crowd.

Table with activists arrested in Sentani and Jayapura between 08 and 11 April ’23

NoName of the arresteePlace/date of arrest
1Wasuok SiepSentani, 08 April 2023
2Kurus FelleSentani, 08 April 2023
3Sadracks LagowanSentani, 08 April 2023
4Huber BagauSentani, 08 April 2023
5Melinus BagauSentani, 08 April 2023
6Yan ItlaySentani, 08 April 2023
7Denny EsemaSentani, 08 April 2023
8Gaoulin BalinggaSentani, 08 April 2023
9Nodi TaploSentani, 08 April 2023
10Emis TelenggenSentani, 08 April 2023
11Etap KalakmabinSentani, 08 April 2023
12Arkelaus LokonSentani, 08 April 2023
13Vero Manggi WaliloSentani, 08 April 2023
14Bob KogoyaJayapura City, Heram District, 09 April 2023
15N/AJayapura City, Heram District, 09 April 2023
16N/AJayapura City, Heram District, 09 April 2023
17Wasuok siepSentani, 10 April 2023
18Kurus FelleSentani, 10 April 2023
19Sadracks LagowanSentani, 10 April 2023
20Huber BagauSentani, 10 April 2023
21Denny EsemaSentani, 10 April 2023
22Ecko PasseSentani, 10 April 2023
23Milex ItlaySentani, 10 April 2023
24Maikel SiepSentani, 10 April 2023
25Omes EsemaSentani, 10 April 2023
26Agus PasseSentani, 10 April 2023
27Dortius TengketSentani, 10 April 2023
28Elison PahabolSentani, 10 April 2023
29JamesSentani, 10 April 2023
30OvviSentani, 10 April 2023
31Nando PasseSentani, 10 April 2023
32Yosua KeromanSentani, 10 April 2023
33Bartol ItlaySentani, 10 April 2023
34Hiyong SuhuniapKamkey, 10 April 2023
35Ropi EsemaKamkey, 10 April 2023
36Nonce SabuKamkey, 10 April 2023
37Pura YahuliKamkey, 10 April 2023
38Hason BayKamkey, 10 April 2023
39Lius BayKamkey, 10 April 2023
40Arki EnggalimKamkey, 10 April 2023
41Amon HelukaKamkey, 10 April 2023
42Wolex HeseloKamkey, 10 April 2023
43Yali SabuKamkey, 10 April 2023
44Narius YahuliKamkey, 10 April 2023
45Bayam HeseloKamkey, 10 April 2023
46Esano GibanKamkey, 10 April 2023
47Asah GibanKamkey, 10 April 2023
48Elly HilukaKamkey, 10 April 2023
49Gule KalolikKamkey, 10 April 2023
50Budi HilukaKamkey, 10 April 2023
51Amos MusiKamkey, 10 April 2023
52Amenas HelukaKamkey, 10 April 2023
53Erem PagawakKamkey, 10 April 2023
54Iman KogoyaBiak Street, Jayapura, 11 April 2023

Activists being arrested in Sentani

Peaceful protest in Jayapura on 11 April 2023

NumberName, DetailsGenderAgeGroup AffiliationViolations
1Wasuok siepmaleunknownindigenousarbitrary detention
1Kurus Fellemaleunknownindigenous
1Sadracks Lagowanmaleunknownindigenous
1Huber Bagaumaleunknownindigenous
1Melinus Bagaumaleunknownindigenous
1Yan Itlaymaleunknownindigenous
1Denny Esemamaleunknownindigenous
1Gaoulin Balinggamaleunknownindigenous
1Nodi Taplomaleunknownindigenous
1Emis Telenggenmaleunknownindigenous
1Etap Kalakmabinmaleunknownindigenous
1Arkelaus Lokonmaleunknownindigenous
1Vero Manggi Walilomaleunknownindigenous
1Bob Kogoyamaleunknownindigenous
1unknown maleunknownindigenous
1unknown maleunknownindigenous
1Wasuok siepmaleunknownindigenous
1Kurus Fellemaleunknownindigenous
1Sadracks Lagowanmaleunknownindigenous
1Huber Bagaumaleunknownindigenous
1Denny Esemamaleunknownindigenous
1Ecko Passemaleunknownindigenous
1Milex Itlaymaleunknownindigenous
1Maikel Siepmaleunknownindigenous
1Omes Esemamaleunknownindigenous
1Agus Passemaleunknownindigenous
1Dortius Tengketmaleunknownindigenous
1Elison Pahabolmaleunknownindigenous
1Nando Passemaleunknownindigenous
1Yosua Keromanmaleunknownindigenous
1Bartol Itlaymaleunknownindigenous
1Hiyong Suhuniapmaleunknownindigenous
1Ropi Esemamaleunknownindigenous
1Nonce Sabumaleunknownindigenous
1Pura Yahulimaleunknownindigenous
1Hason Baymaleunknownindigenous
1Lius Baymaleunknownindigenous
1Arki Enggalimmaleunknownindigenous
1Amon Helukamaleunknownindigenous
1Wolex Heselomaleunknownindigenous
1Yali Sabumaleunknownindigenous
1Narius Yahulimaleunknownindigenous
1Bayam Heselomaleunknownindigenous
1Esano Gibanmaleunknownindigenous
1Asah Gibanmaleunknownindigenous
1Elly Hilukamaleunknownindigenous
1Gule Kalolikmaleunknownindigenous
1Budi Hilukamaleunknownindigenous
1Amos Musimaleunknownindigenous
1Amenas Helukamaleunknownindigenous
1Erem Pagawakmaleunknownindigenous
1Iman Kogoyamaleunknownindigenous

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