Security force member executes Papuan man with mental disorder in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Pegunungan Province

A security force member allegedly shot dead Mr Stefanus Wilil (see Photo on top; source WPCC) in the Mulima Village, Libarek District, on 10 April 2023. Witnesses testified that a security force member released three shots from a red pickup truck. The truck was driving from the Kurulu Village toward the town of Wamena. The victim’s body was taken to the Jayawijaya General Hospital in Wamena for a post-mortem examination.

According to the information received, the shooting took place on the roadside of the Trans Wamena-Kurulu road around 3:30 p.m. Mr Wilil reportedly tried to stop the passing pickup truck, a behaviour which was occasionally triggered by the mental disorder he had suffered since being a teenager. Thereupon, the perpetrator released three shots at Mr Wilil. One bullet hit him in the head, causing instant death. The projectile reportedly pierced the skull from front to back.

Following the incident, villagers and relatives blocked the Wamena-Kurulu road in the village of Mulima until the perpetrator was identified (see video below, source: WPCC). They called upon the authorities to identify and process the perpetrator of the shooting. Mr Wilil’s relatives stressed that the victim had a history of mental illness. This was known to local police officers who had repeatedly taken Mr Wilil into custody or brought him back to the family’s house.

The Jayawijaya District Police (Polres Jayawajaya) is investigating the shooting. According to the spokesperson of the Papua Regional Police, Commissioner Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, the police received a report of the shooting. He urged the relatives to remain calm while the investigation was ongoing.

Images of the crime scene

Victim’s relatives demanding a police investigation and the legal prosecution of the perpetrator(s)

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Mulima (-4.003274896228852, 138.95794748795325) 
administrative region: Indonesia, Highland Papua, Jayawijaya Regency, Libarek District, Mulima Village
total number of victims: 1
period of incident: 10.04.2023
perpetrator: other security forces
perpetrator details:
Issues: execution, indigenous
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1Stefanus Wililmale22indigenousexecution