Soldiers allegedly torture and kill a junior fellow soldier – investigations point to more victims

Four Manuhua Biak Air Force soldiers (TNI AU) allegedly tortured their junior, Prada Indra Wijaya, an enlisted man assigned to the Secretariat, Makoopsud III Biak. Because of this violence, Prada Indra Wijaya died with a bleeding head and a body formalinized with blood pouring out and full of bruises. He had fainted at the Mess Makoopsud III Biak and was then taken to the Manuhua Biak Air Force Base (Lanud) hospital for treatment. Still, he died on 19 November 2022.   

The Air Operations Command (Koopsud) III initially informed the family that Prada Indra died of severe dehydration after playing futsal for a long duration, from 20.00 to 23.00 WIT. Prada Indra Wijaya’s family initially believed the explanation, but they began to feel irregularities when the Air Force prevented the family from opening the coffin. Representatives from the Air Force said that from Biak, they were not given the key to the coffin. Finally, the family forcibly opened the coffin lock using a hammer. When the coffin was successfully opened, the family opened the shroud on the head to see Prada Indra’s face. That is where they saw blood coming from the head of Prada Indra’s corpse. When the shroud on his body was opened, the family found the condition of Prada Indra’s body full of wounds, bruises, formalinized bodies, and blood pouring out. This condition made the family believe that the cause of Prada Indra’s death was not dehydration. His death was suspicious. 

At a later date, the Air Force Military Police (Pomau) of the Air Operations Command (Koopsud) III Biak, Papua, changed its statement. Initially and stated that there was an act of violence from his seniors. A motive is a form of discipline from seniors to their juniors. Based on the statement of Kadispenau Marsma TNI Indan Gilang Buldansyah, it is known that Prada Indra Wijaya was not the only victim of violence. The results of the Pomau Koopsud III investigation found that there were acts of violence against six other soldiers who were in the same rank as Prada Indra Wijaya. 

The Military Police Unit (Satpom) Koopsud III has named four Air Force soldiers, Prada SL, Prada MS, Pratu DD, and Pratu BG, as suspects in the alleged persecution case that caused death. Head of the Air Force Information Service (Kadispenau) Marsma Indan Gilang Buldansyah said the four suspects are threatened with dismissal and criminal charges. The military police detained the suspects during the investigation process. 

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Mess Colibri Makoopsud 3 Biak (-1.1683050979318752, 136.08515052551635)   administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Biak Numfor Regency, Samofa District 
total number of victims: 7
period of incident: 19.11.2022
perpetrator: other security forces
perpetrator details: Manuhua Biak Air Force soldiers (TNI AU)
Issues: freedom of expression, right to information 
Further HRM News:

Number Name, Details Gender Age Group Affiliation Violation 
Prada Indra Wijaya, TNI AUmale unknown torture, execution
unknown, TNI AUmale unknown torture