Arrest of Governor Enembe accompanied by civil unrest – one protester killed, nine injured, 19 arrested

Members of the Jayapura City Police (Polresta Jayapura) and the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (KPK) arrested the Papuan Governor, Mr Lukas Enembe, in the city of Jayapura on 10 January 2023. Mr Enembe was temporarily detained at the Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) headquarters in Kotaraja, Jayapura City, before police escorted him to the Sentani Airport. He was flown to Jakarta on the same day (see Photo on top, source: independent HRDs). According to a medical team that examined Lukas Enembe in Jakarta, his health condition is sufficiently well to be held accountable in a trial.

Following the arrest, angry protesters attacked the Brimob headquarters in Kotaraja, Jayapura, with stones (see videos below, source: independent HRDs). Other Enembe supporters blocked the gate to the Sentani airport near the cargo terminal. Police officers dispersed the crowd with firearms and teargas. One protester, Mr Ameleki Enumbi, was shot dead. Nine others were reportedly injured (see table below) and admitted to the Yowari General Hospital in Sentani (see photos below, source: WPCC). According to police representatives, officers arrested 19 supporters, two in Kotaraja and 17 in Sentani. All have reportedly been released.

The situation in Jayapura remains tense. The police fear further unrest and called upon all business owners to close their stores temporarily (see video below, source: independent HRDs).

NoNameInjury sustained
1Ameleki EnumbiDied due to a bullet wound on the left inner thigh
2Amison WondaBruises under the left eye and an injury on the right foot
3Depenus EnembeBullet wound on the left side of the lower back
4Patimura EnembeBullet wound on the left upper thigh
5Uti EnembeBullet wound on the right thigh
6Nopiles GomboBullet wound on the left thigh (see photo: below)
7Hermanus EnembeBullet wound in the thigh
8Neiron EnembeBullet wound in the thigh
9Kano EnembeBullet wound in the thigh
10Segira EnembeBullet wound in the thigh
Protesters killed and injured during unrest in Jayapura on 10 January 2023 (source: WPCC)


The KPK alleges Governor Lukas Enembe of corrupting government funds. Enembe is a suspect of corruption and gratification related to infrastructure development projects assigned to PT Tabi Bangun Papua (TBP). In late 2022, the KPK launched an investigation against Lukas Enembe and examined 76 witnesses. Despite alleged evidence being found, the police and the KPK refrained from arresting Enembe, considering the governor’s poor health condition and the possibility of riots. Meanwhile, the police have pressed charges against him.

TBP Director Rijatono Lakka (RL) allegedly handed over Rp 1 billion (about € 60.000) to Lukas Enembe after being selected to implement three infrastructure projects in the Papua Provincial Government, namely the Entrop-Hamadi Road Project with a project value of Rp 14.8 billion (about € 900,000), a project for the renovation of kindergarten facilities and infrastructure with a project value of Rp 13.3 billion (about € 809,000), and the Navy outdoor shooting venue Project with a project value of Rp 12.9 billion (about € 780,000).

Mr Ameleki Enumbi was killed as police dispersed the crowd in Sentani

Protesters injured in Sentani on 10 January 2023

Situation at the Brimob headquarters shortly after the Governor’s arrest

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Brimob Kotaraja (-2.6012929924639026, 140.674440595411)
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Jayapura City
total number of victims: ten
period of incident: 10.01.2023
perpetrator: police
perpetrator details: unknown
Issues: freedom of expression, torture, ill-treatment, extra-judicial killings, indigenous peoples
Further HRM News:

NumberName, DetailsGenderAgeGroup AffiliationViolations
1Ameleki Enumbiunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment, execution
1Amison Wondaunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Depenus Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Patimura Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Uti Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Nopiles Gombounknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Hermanus Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Neiron Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Kano Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment
1Segira Enembeunknownunknownindigenousill-treatment