Police officers intimidate female Papuan human rights defender in Jayapura

Police members intimidated Papuan woman activist and human rights defender, Mrs Raga Kogeya, in the Waena Area, Jayapura City, on 3 June 2023. Mrs Kogeya is advocating for the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Nduga Regency, where the armed conflict between Indonesian security forces and the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) has been ongoing since December 2018. She has brought the humanitarian crisis in Nduga to the public’s attention and has been frequently subjected to acts of intimidation, attempted criminalisation, and harassment by members of the Papuan police.

According to information received, three police officers approached Mrs Kogeya while she was talking with friends on Buper Street around 4.30 pm. One of the officers got out of the police car and asked, “What are you doing here?”. One of Mrs Kogeya’s friends responded,” We are standing and enjoying the beautiful view over the lake.” Mrs Kogeya entered the car as another officer tried to take pictures of her.

A similar incident occurred two days later, on 5 June 2023, while Mrs Kogeya was in the Waena area, Heram District. Around 3.30 pm, Mrs Kogeya stopped her motorcycle to talk with some of her relatives. Three police patrol motorcycles stopped beside her (see photos and video below, source: independent HRDs). The police officers requested her to hand out the keys. They controlled her motorcycle documents and the storage under the seat and took photos of the registration number. The officers left again after Mrs Kogeya said the motorcycle was registered in her name.

Mrs Kogeya understood the police controls as intimidation and an attempt to prevent her from advocating for the rights of IDPs and the humanitarian crisis in the Nduga Regency.

Police officers leave on motorcycles after controlling Mrs Kogeya in Heram on 5 June 2023

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Jalan Super (-2.590040569645781, 140.63520844854852)
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Jayapura City
total number of victims: one
period of incident: 03.06.2023-05.06.2023
perpetrator: police
perpetrator details: unknown
Issues: freedom of expression, human rights defenders, indigenous peoples, intimidation
Further HRM News:

NumberName, DetailsGenderAgeGroup AffiliationViolation
1Raga Kogeya, HRDmaleunknownactivistintimidation