West Papua: Police mobile brigade occupy schools in Yahukimo regency – Students protest peacefully

Papuan students are protesting against the occupation of three schools in the Yahukimo Regency. Members of the police mobile brigade (Brimob) have been using the school facilities since October 2021, which reportedly led to a breakdown of school activities in the affected areas. On 20 January 2022, about 300 protesters walked to the Yahukimo education department in Dekai and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Brimob members from the schools (see photos and videos below, source: independent HRDs). The students say they do not feel comfortable in the immediate presence of security force members in their schools.

According to the students, the police special unit occupied the senior high schools in the villages Ninia and Angguruk as well as the SMKN 2 vocational high school in Dekai because of a tribal conflict between the indigenous Kimyal and the Yali in Yahukimo last year. The utilization of public facilities as security posts or temporary offices is not an isolated incident. Human rights observers have reported the occupation of public health and education facilities by security force members from other conflict areas, such as the Puncak regency.

During a press conference on 21 January 2022, the Papuan Legal Aid Institute (LBH Papua) called upon the police to immediately leave the education facilities. LBH Papua urged all state institutions to respect and fulfil the right to education as protected under national and international law.

Photos and videos of students peacefully protesting against the occupation of their schools in the Yahukimo regency on 20 January 2021:

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Ninia Senior High School, Angguruk Senior High School and SMKN 2 vocational high school in Dekai
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Yahukimo Regency, districts: Dekai, Ninia, Angguruk
total number of victims: dozens
period of incident: 1.10.2021-31.01.2022
perpetrator: Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob)
perpetrator details: unknown
Sources: Jubi
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