Supreme Court rejects appeal of military members accused in Mimika mutilation case

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia rejected the cassation filed by four TNI soldiers accused of the murder and mutilation of four Nduga residents in Mimika Regency. The cassation decision is contained in Decision Number 291 K / Mil / 2023 of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. The Fourth Brigade Infantry Raider Brigif R20/IJK/3 soldiers from the Timika Military Command were accused of the murder and mutilation of four Nduga residents, namely Arnold Lokbere, Irian Nirigi, Lemaniel Nirigi, and Atis Tini on 22 August 2022. The individuals facing charges in this case were Private Rahmat Amin Sese, Private Risky Oktav Mukiawan, Private Robertus Putra Clinsman, and Private Pargo Rumbouw. Captain Inf Dominggus Kainama, who was also implicated, passed away on 24 December 2022.

These soldiers were brought before Military Court III-19 in Jayapura for trial. On 15 February 2023, Colonel Chk Rudy Dwi Prakamto, leading the court, handed down the following sentences: Rahmat Amin Sese and Risky Oktav Mukiawan received life imprisonment, Robertus Putra Clinsman was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and Pargo Rumbouw was given a 15-year prison term. Furthermore, all four individuals were discharged from the Indonesian Army service. Despite initially filing appeals, their requests were rejected, leading them to file for cassation.

On 23 November, the Head of the Planning, Information Technology, and Reporting Subdivision of Military Court III-19 in Jayapura announced the cassation verdict in front of the four TNI soldiers involved in the case. The verdict declared the rejection of the cassation appeals filed by Rahmat Amin Sese, Risky Oktav Mukiawan, Robertus Clisman, and Pargo Rumbouw.

In addition to rejecting the cassation appeals, the panel of judges imposed costs at the cassation level on Rahmat Amin Sese and Risky Oktav Mukiawan, which would be covered by the state. They also imposed case costs of Rp2,500 each on Robertus Putra Clisman and Pargo Rumbouw.

Methodius Kossay, the Coordinator of the Judicial Commission for the Papua Region, expressed his belief in the proper conduct of the trial process at Military Court III-19 in Jayapura. He encouraged the Papua community to actively monitor court proceedings, ensuring ethical conduct among judges. Kossay emphasised the importance of public involvement in overseeing clean trials in Papua and reassured the community that they should not be afraid or worried about attending Military Court.