Police prevent peaceful protests against torture in Sentani and Jayapura City – 77 activists arrested, at least two ill-treated

 The Papuan Student and Peoples Front Against Militarism (FMRPAM) called for peaceful protests against the militarisation in West Papua in various areas across the Jayapura Regency and Jayapura City on 2 April 2024. FMRPAM called for the protests in response to a video of military members torturing an indigenous Papuan in the Puncak Regency in February 2024.

Police officers reportedly prevented activists from distributing leaflets for the demonstration. carried out arbitrary arrests, and cracked down on protesters using teargas and batons at the road junction in the town of Sentani, near the Jayapura University of Science and Technology (USTJ), and the Perumnas III Waena residential area in Jayapura City. Two protesters, Mr Edison Tebay, 24, and Mr Yonas Magai, 24, sustained injuries after being hit by teargas grenades on the head as police officers dispersed the crowd of protesters in Waena (see photos and videos below, source: FMRPAM).

According to information received, police officers arrested fifteen FMRPAM activists on 1 April in Sentani while distributing leaflets in Sentani, Jayapura Regency. They were released on the same day. On 2 April 2024, police officers arrested 62 protesters while gathering at the Sentani Road junction and temporarily detained than at Jayapura District Police Station (see photo on top, source: FMRPAM). Police officers reportedly beat protesters during the arrest. According to the protesters, the ill-treatment did not result in injuries (see tables below).

FMRPAM Representatives registered the peaceful assembly in accordance with Indonesian Law on 31 March 2024 (see photos below, source: FMRPAM). Despite following legal procedure, police officers forcefully dispersed the protests (see video below, source: FMRPAM). Jayapura Resort Police Chief (Kapolres), AKBP Fredickus W.A Maclarimboen, stated in an interview with media the local platform Jubi that the protesters disrupted traffic and disturbed public order.

Case information arrests in Sentani: https://humanrightsmonitor.org/case/police-prevent-peaceful-protests-against-torture-in-sentani-and-jayapura-city-77-activists-arrested-in-sentani-on-1-and-2-april/(opens in a new tab)

Case information ill-treatment in Jayapura City: https://humanrightsmonitor.org/case/police-prevent-peaceful-protests-against-torture-in-sentani-and-jayapura-city-at-two-activists-ill-treated-and-injured/

Police crackdown on protesters in Expo Waena, Jayapura city, on 2 April 2024

Police crackdown on protesters at junction to USTJ Campus, Jayapura city, on 2 April 2024

Photos of the arrest in Sentani on 2 April 2024

Protesters injured during police crackdown in Waena, Jayapura City, on 2 April

Activists register the protest at the Jayapura City Police on 31 March 2024

Table of persons arrested in Sentani on 2 April 2023

1Kenias Payage
2Yame Gobai
3Yefri Labene
4Dortius Tengket
5Yustinus Wisal
6Arikal Koin
7Lukas Yaloka
8Simon Hesegem
9Tetius Esema
10Tenius Matuan
11Katul Taplo
12Evan Malo
13Wegy Wea
14Maikel Wonda
15Wesmi Deal
16Titus Nawa
17Emis Telenggen
18Bartol Silak
19Nopy Siep
20Son Matuan
21Aldo Esema
22Nofis Esema
23Sadracks Langowan
24Ellky Matuan
25Denias Pahabol
26Sainus Sama
27Yali Esema
28Mendanus Wisal
29Ason Sitokdana
30Yan Itlay
31Miles Matuan
32Yunius Lokon
33Seram Ibage
34Semius Malo
35Arius Siep
36Naipen Wamu
37Simson Mare
38Nando Pase
39Yanus Itlay
40Nasman Malo
41Hason Esema
42Antius Lokon
43Edy Molama
44Nikson Wonda
45Alex Tepmul
46Nodi Tepmul
47Kalvin Tepmul
48Gen Sobolim
49Agus Pase
50Yulfina Lokon
51Insos Lokon
52Ina Siep
53Jetrince Esema
54Alfina Kean
55Ida Wanimbo
56Bung Karunggu
57Kurus Degei
58Mina Kabak
59Dartena Deal
60Jospina Deal
61Marina Deal
62Nelius Itlay

Table of persons arrested while distributing leaflets in Sentani on 1 April 2023

1Depanus Siep
2Nuga Mabel
3Ngalum Uopmabin
4Vara Iyaba
5Sony Douw
6Rudy Jafata
7Jhon Pusop
8Ronald Logo
9Hendrik Muyapa
10Tony Ukago
11Bedira Tabuni
12Habel Fauwok
13Antonius Asso
14Hans Ogetai
15Maikel Siep