Land conflict between indigenous community in Tambrauw and company PT KKM implementing trans road project

Indigenous communities in South Miyah District, Tambrauw Regency, Papua Barat Daya Province, are facing conflicts with companies involved in the West Papua trans road project. PT Volica won the tender for the project, while PT Kuyake Karya Membangun (KKM) serves as the implementing contractor. The project has been marred by disputes and allegations of non-compliance with agreements made with customary rights owners.

One of the main issues revolves around the violation of a collective agreement signed on 13 April 2023. According to the agreement, material collection for the project should not occur within the territory of customary rights owners. However, PT KKM was found to have taken materials from the Momo clan’s land, leading to a dispute.

Customary rights owners have made numerous attempts to mediate with the companies involved, but their efforts have been largely ignored. The situation escalated when customary rights owners attempted to block the project site, prompting PT KKM to bring in security forces to dismantle the blockade.

Despite mediation efforts and attempts to involve the local district government, PT KKM has not responded positively to the demands of customary rights owners. They have requested compensation for the use of their land, as agreed upon in the collective agreement.

The Tambrauw district government and the West Papua National Road Implementation Task Force are now being urged to step in and help resolve the conflict. There are concerns about the role of security forces in these disputes, and it is emphasized that their actions should not exacerbate tensions.

Customary rights owners have given PT KKM a one-week ultimatum to settle their demands, including the payment of location compensation fees. If the company fails to comply within the agreed timeframe or if there is no meeting between the parties, the customary rights owners threaten to block the West Papua trans road once again, specifically in the village of Esahae.

The disputes and conflicts surrounding the West Papua trans road project highlight the challenges in balancing development projects with the rights and concerns of indigenous communities. The situation calls for a fair and transparent resolution that respects the customary rights and dignity of the local population.

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Miyah (-0.8605295215825411, 132.71171847748576)
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Barat Daya Province, Tambrauw Regency, South Miyah District
total number of victims: dozens
period of incident: 15.11.2023
perpetrator: company
perpetrator details: PT Volica and PT Kuyake Karya Membangun (KKM)
Issues: cultural rights, indigenous peoples
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NumberName, DetailsGenderAgeGroup AffiliationViolations
dozensunknownunknownunknownindigenouscultural rights