KNPB leaders A. Kossay and B. Murib charged after police investigation – case is now prosecuted

On 31 October 2023, investigators from the Jayapura Police in Papua Province took significant action by transferring Agus Kosay, Chairman of the West Papua National Coalition (KNPB), and Numbay Beny Murib, KNPB Secretary, to the Jayapura State Prosecutor’s Office. They were both named suspects in a case related to incitement that occurred on 18 August 023, in Jayapura Regency, Papua Province.

According to the Head of the Jayapura Police Criminal Investigation Unit, the decision to name Agus Kosay and Beny Murib as suspects was based on the findings of the investigation into the incitement incident. During the attack, two victims were stabbed, with one suffering a stab wound in the shoulder and the other in the chest. The evidence presented by the police included three stones, broken glass, broken wood, a KNPB leaflet, and a mobile phone. These items were handed over to the Public Prosecutor.

Agus Kosay was charged with violating Article 170 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code or Article 160 of the Criminal Code, which carries a maximum penalty of 6 years in prison. Meanwhile, Beny Murib faced charges under Article 170 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code or Article 351 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code, with a maximum penalty of 5 years and 6 months in prison.

Case information: