Former Papua Governor Lukas Enembe seeks medical treatment in Singapore amidst legal battles and 8-year sentence

Former Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, who was recently sentenced to 8 years in prison for bribery and gratification charges, is facing a critical health condition that has prompted calls for his medical treatment in Singapore. The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) is now considering facilitating his request for treatment abroad.

Enembe’s health crisis began on 23 October 2023, when he was hospitalized at the Army Central Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Soebroto in Jakarta. He was admitted due to severe kidney dysfunction and high blood pressure, which caused swelling in his extremities. According to his lawyer, Petrus Bala Pattyona, Enembe occupied the VIP room at the hospital due to his deteriorating health.

Doctors examining Enembe found that his kidney disease was at an advanced stage and needed immediate attention. His medical condition had worsened since his conviction, making his transfer to a city custody facility necessary. Enembe’s initial hospitalization came shortly after he was sentenced to prison for corruption charges on 19 October 2023. He vehemently rejected the verdict, claiming that he had never been involved in corruption or accepted bribes.

The legal team supporting Enembe argued that the judge’s decision was based on questionable evidence. They pointed out that no witnesses testified to Enembe receiving money from the individuals he was accused of accepting bribes from. Additionally, they raised doubts about the connection between Enembe and certain financial transactions cited in the case.

Despite the lower sentence than what the prosecution had initially demanded, Enembe’s refusal to accept the verdict and his deteriorating health have raised concerns. His legal advisory team is determined to appeal the decision, indicating their belief in the unfairness of the trial process.

In light of Enembe’s critical condition, calls have emerged for him to receive medical treatment in Singapore. The Lukas Enembe Legal Advisory Team (TPHLE) has formally requested Komnas HAM to facilitate Enembe’s transfer to Singapore for medical care under the supervision of his personal physician, Dr. Fancisco Salcido Ochoa. TPHLE argues that similar medical treatment opportunities have been granted to other public figures in the past, emphasizing the humanitarian aspect of Enembe’s situation.

Laurenzus Kadepa, a member of the Papuan House of Representatives, has expressed hope that Komnas HAM and related institutions will prioritise Enembe’s request for medical treatment in Singapore. He noted Enembe’s significant contributions to Papua and the nation during his career, highlighting the need to recognize his dedication.

As Lukas Enembe’s health hangs in the balance, the decision to grant him access to medical treatment in Singapore will be closely monitored by human rights advocates, legal experts, and the general public. His case exemplifies the complex interplay between legal proceedings and humanitarian considerations, leaving many questioning the outcome of his appeal and the response to his health crisis.