Sniper shoots dead Mr Yahya Tepmul in Pelebib Village, Pegunungan Bintang

Human rights defenders have documented the killing of Mr Yahya Tepmul in the Pelebib Village, Kiwirok District (see satellite on top, source: European Space Imaging), on 27 October 2022. Mr Tepmul was well known in his community because of his position as “Linmas”. The term refers to community members trained by the police in disaster management to reduce and minimise the consequences of disasters. According to the information received, Mr Tepul went to the Okpelep Spring near the Pelebib Village to look for his pig, which had just given birth to multiple piglets.

Members of the Damai Cartenz security force unit spotted Mr Tepmul with a drone. A sniper reportedly killed him from a distance of 100 meters at approximately 6.45 am. He died on the spot. The Pegunugan Bintang police chief, Commissioner Cahyo Sukarnito, claimed that Mr Tepmul was carrying a weapon, declaring he was a member of the armed resistance. Local human rights denied the allegations.

The Damai Cartenz operation is a joint police and military operation to curb the armed resistance group West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) in West Papua. The TPNPB pursues the political independence of West Papua through a violent and armed struggle.

Detailed Case Data
name of the location: Pelebib Village (-4.713053799616509, 140.74763685575726)
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Kiwirok District, Pelebib Village
total number of victims: one
period of incident: 27.10.2022
perpetrator: other security forces
perpetrator details: Damai Cartenz security force unit
Issues: extra-judicial killings, indigenous peoples
Sources: HRDs
Further HRM News:

NumberName, Details  GenderAgeGroup Affiliation  Violation  
1Yahya Tepmul, Linmasmaleunknown unknownexecution

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