Police release shots during house search in Jayapura – Two Papuan students injured, eleven arrested

On 8 April 2022, around 11:00 pm, police officers of the Jayapura city police carried out a house search in the Buper area of the Heram District in Jayapura City. The residents, most of them Papuan students, had just finished a traditional cooking ceremony as a group of police officers equipped with automatic machine guns and bullet-proof vests approached the house. When Mr Martenus Sondegau, 20, and Marinus Sani, 23, saw the police officers, they got scared and ran away from the officers. Thereupon, the police officers opened fire on the boys.

Mr Sondegau sustained a bullet injury in the right buttocks. The projectile pierced the buttocks and exited the thigh. Mr Sani jumped off a cliff to escape the bullets and get to safety. He sustained injuries on the right thigh as well as bruises and abrasions on both legs. A motorcycle driver later brought the two friends to a relative’s house, where they received first aid treatment (see photos below). They decided not to go to any hospital because they feared repressive acts by the police. Plain cloth police officers were also closely monitoring the Intan Jaya dormitory that evening.

The police arrested eleven residents during the house search, namely Nober Sondegau, Apius Yapugau, Yeni Yapigau, Deselon Sondegau, Yanuarius Sondegau, Noken Duwitau, Aron Wonda, Boika Tabuni, Singkong Wonda, Ape Tipagau and Raram Kogoya.


Detailed Case Data
name of the location: a text string, if possible coordinates in brackets (-2.589768, 140.634260)
administrative region: Indonesia, Papua Province, Jayapura City, Heram District, Waena
total number of victims: 13
period of incident: 04.04.2022
perpetrator: police
perpetrator details: unknown
Issues: freedom of peaceful assembly, indigenous peoples, torture
Further HRM News:

NumberName, DetailsGenderAgeGroup AffiliationViolations
1Martenus Sondegau, studentmale20indigenousill-treatment, freedom of assembly
1Marinus Sani, studentmale23indigenousill-treatment, freedom of assembly
11 studentsunknownunknownindigenousarbitrary detention, freedom of assembly