Shooting of Yulianus Tebai: Case goes to witness examination phase at Nabire District Court

The deadly shooting of Mr Yulianus Tebai, a member of the Dogiyai Regency’s Pamong Praja Police Unit (Sat Pol PP), in the Papua Tengah Province has been brought to the Nabire District Court. The case has progressed to the witness examination phase. Mr Tebai was shot dead on 21 January 2023 by a subordinate of Samuel D. Tatiratu, the Police Chief of Dogiyai. The incident occurred in the Tugomani Village, along the border of Dogiyai and Nabire districts. At the time of the incident, Mr Tebai was preparing to visit a garden with his sister. Initial information mentioned he was with his wife and not his sister. It is believed that the shooting was intentional.

According to Mrs Marsela Tebai, the sole eyewitness to her brother’s death explained that she and her brother were ambushed while traveling by motorbike. Mrs Tebai heard some shots before she realised that her brother was fatally shot, unable to pass a blocked road. The victim’s father, Mr Pinititus Tebai, and other family members expressed their desire for justice and severe penalties for the perpetrator at the Nabire District Court.

Details of the incident and legal proceedings

The incident was thoroughly investigated, with significant evidence pointing towards the culpability of the Dogiyai police personnel. Measurements taken by the Papua Police Inspectorate confirmed that the shots were fired from a close distance, indicating a direct aim. The investigation has also been supported by national human rights bodies and is being closely monitored by various regional human rights groups and activists.

Changes in police leadership and ongoing investigations

The Dogiyai Police Chief, Samuel D. Tatiratu, was transferred shortly after the incident, amidst controversies over his handling of the situation and his initial misleading statements about the shooter’s identity.

Case information: